Video interview with moms Nicole and Carol on Nicole’s experience breastfeeding their daughter

We’re continuing our World Breastfeeding Week celebration with another awesome interview.  Today we’re interview Nicole and Carol and talking to them about Nicole breastfeeding their daughter Taya.


Carol and Nicole have a crazy love story – they met when Nicole was 3 months pregnant and have been in love ever since!  In their interview they are sweet, funny and super open and honest.  Listening to them talk is like having a chat with an old friend.

Some of my favorite parts of the interview include:

  1. When Nicole gets real about how it 100% cool if their daughter Taya wants to nurse until she’s 4
  2. Carol’s story of her friend who went through being a gestational mom and nongestational mom and that there is NO different in how much you love you kids
  3. Nicole’s #tiredmom yawns at the end (I feel you – I was editing this at night and totally yawned when you did #momlife)
  4. Their final advice, “DO IT! it’s tough in the beginning but totally worth it.  Don’t give up!”

Without further ado here’s the interview: