The Ultimate Hospital Packing List for Queer Moms (Customizable & Printable)

The ultimate labor and delivery hospital packing list for queer mamas.  List can be accessed in google docs, customized and printed!

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I have exactly 5 weeks to go until my due date so with one delivery under our belt and another fast approaching, we decided to put together the ultimate queer mom labor and delivery hospital bag packing list!  To make your lives easier, we’ve also created a customizable and printable packing list so you can make it your own and check everything off as you go.

How to Customize List & Print

To access the list in Google Docs click here. In the upper right-hand corner click “create a copy”, this will create a new editable version of the doc in your own Google Drive account.  Edit as needed and print!

So what do you need for a well-prepped stress-free hospital stay?  Allow us to break it down for you!

Everything you need for you labor and delivery hospital stay:

For Non Gestation Mom/Parent:

  • Food & Mints
    • Snacks!!!!!!!!!! Go for mess/crumb free, high protein, high nutrition.  Ideas: fruit, cheese, protein bars, chocolate, trail mix
    • Breath mints (you want to be minty fresh when you are all up in your spouse’s face.  Also if anyone else is in the room make sure they smell good too! But no gum because stress can cause lip smacking which is gross and annoying
  • Toiletries
    • Glasses + Contacts + Solutions
    • Chapstick X3 (hospitals are cold and dry.  Have extras for you and your spouse)
    • Deodorant
    • Toothbrush + paste
    • Hairbrush + hair ties
    • Toiletries: Often the hospital has stuff you can use but I’d bring my own hairbrush, ties, deodorant and whatever else you’re picky about.  Also you can call ahead and check to see what they offer.
    • Basic Makeup (if you wear makeup and it makes you feel good).  
  • Electronics
    • Phone + charger
    • Headphones
    • Camera + charger
  • Clothes
    • Comfy clothes,/PJs (depending on how far you are from hospital I’d bring 2-4 outfits worth)
    • Stretchy tank top/nursing tank/tube top for skin to skin time.  If you comfortable just taking your shirt off that’s cool too, but it’s nice to have a nursing tank or tank that is stretchy enough to just pull down so you can get in as much skin-to-skin time with baby as desired.
    • Comfy/washable shoes + flip flops + socks: Depending on the delivery there is a good chance some type of bodily fluid will get on you, especially your feet.  Having shoes that can be easily rinsed makes for quick cleanup.
    • Cute outfit for your going home pics (if you’re into that thing)
  • Home Comforts
    • Pillow if you are picky about pillows and/or being comfy
    • Towel if you plan on showering and need more than a cardboard rag to dry your hair and body.  Depending on how long your stay is you might want to grab an extra for you prego spouse too!

For Gestational Mom/Parent:

  • Labor
    • Lacrosse ball or tennis ball (for back labor)
    • Labor aid accessories (if not provided by hospital) like medicine ball
  • Toiletries
    • Glasses + Contacts + Solutions
    • Toothbrush
    • Deodorant (if yours if different than your spouses)
    • Other Toiletries: Often the hospital can provide you with many toiletries.  Call ahead and check what they have and what you want to bring yourself.
    • Basic Makeup
  • Electronics
    • Headphones
    • Cell phone + charger
  • Clothes
    • Warm socks
    • Robe
    • Nursing tanks/bra/clothes
    • Comfy bottoms
    • Cute outfit for your going home pics (if you’re into that thing)


For Nursing/Pumping Moms/Parents

What you’ll want to bring will depend so much on what your nursing goals are and how you body reacts to labor/delivery and who’s pumping/nursing… for some a full supply comes in right away and nursing is super easy; for other milk doesn’t come in until 2-3 days postpartum and it’s a struggle to feed you babe.  For nongestational nurers you might already have a pumping regiment and milk supply… We’ll take the better to be prepared approach for our list.  Some of these will be duplicates from the list above.

  • Nursing Pillow: Every nursing mom I’ve ever talked to who’s fed a newborn with and without a nursing pillow definitely prefers a nursing pillow!  I loved the mybreastfriend while Tara loved the boppy.
  • Nursing friendly clothes: newborns eat often and for very short periods of time.  Being able to quickly whip out your boobies will make life easier for both you and baby.
  • Hands-free pump bra: you might not need it, but if you do you’ll be glad you have it.  It allows you to either massage your breast while pumping which helps you milk come in and help you produce more milk (if needed) or allows you to do something else with you hands.  Both super convenient!
  • Breast Milk Soap: if you end up having to pump and you milk comes in super quickly you’ll need to wash the pump parts.  The soap at the hospital isn’t great for washing plastic bottles with super fatty breast milk.  Our fave is Babyganics Bottle Soap
  • Coconut Oil: If you do end up pumping coconut oil is the BEST for not getting chaffed nipples.
  • Medicated Nipple Pads: there are many reasons you’ll very likely have sore nipples and having something to provide relief is a must.  Our faves are madela tendercare hydrogel pads.


For Baby

Everything you could possibly need to “take care of baby” will be provided by the hospital including diapers, wipes, clothes for their stay, beanies, blankets, pacifier (if desired), formula (if needed), etc..  Other than the take home outfit and blanket everything you bring for baby is a nice to have (rather than a must have)

  • Take home outfit in newborn and 0-3 months (if your baby seems to be on the larger side)
  • Swaddle + Cap if you want it for pics (the only downside in bringing your own is if they get dirty there is no way to wash them at the hospital, which is why for the first 24 hours I would recommend using the hospitals)
  • Pacifier or wabbanut if you want it
  • Season/weather appropriate accessories (extra blanket, light blanket, car seat cover, winter protection, etc.)
  • Carseat: Delivering mama has to physically carry out you baby (you can’t strap um into the carseat beforehand) so be comfortable with you carseat, but leave it in the car.

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Packing Strategy:

The first time around we packed everything in one giant suitcase – and by the time our short hospital stay was over, we learned this was a mistake! By separating out what you’ll need by room/timing it will cut down on clutter and make moving between rooms easier. The two rooms you’ll reside in during your hospital stay are the Labor & Delivery room and the family room.

If you have multiple suitcases you can pack up all the dirty stuff you’re not using anymore and bring it back to the car.  This saves space in the rooms and ensures you can find what you need and aren’t in a cluttered space.  Also leave room in the family stay suitcase so you can quickly pack up everything when you are ready to head home.  

Day 1-2 Labor & Delivery Room (usually labor through typically <6 hour postpartum)

You will only be in this room through your labor, delivery and immediate postpartum recovery. This room tends to be on the large side since it need to be able to fit a whole medical team into the room.  The hospital bed is special and converts into a delivery bed.

What to pack: toiletries, electronics, once maximum 2 sets of clothes which should all be skin-to-skin/nursing friendly, labor accessories and nursing accessories IF you have space.  If you are short on space you can wait and bring these into your family room.

Pack Electronics & Snack in a separate bag: You will likely be accessing these most often so keep these in an easily accessible bag.

Absolutely Don’t Pack: anything baby related… you don’t need it at all

Family Stay Room

Once delivery parent and baby are stable, cleaned up and fed you all will be transferred to some version of a family stay room.  This room tends to be on the small side.  Once you get to the room.

Pack everything else in this suitcase and remember to leave extra room.  When you get to this room leave all your dirty/used closes in you day 1 bag, take out only the essentials needed and have someone take your old bag to the car.

Final Tip

If you think you might want an extra long stay at the hospital, it could be a good idea to have a couple outfits laid out at home and have someone you can call to bring extra clothes for the both of you.  If you don’t have anyone who you feel comfortable asking you could always pack a just-in-case bag in your car.

hospital packing list (2)