Are you an awesome lesbian blogger?  Want to expand your readership and grow this awesome lesbian mommy community?  

Great – You’ve come to the right place!  

Content Syndication

Content Syndication is when you take content which is already published on your own site, and you give one or more other parties  (like permission to post a copy of that content on their site. Note that the syndicated content can be a complete copy of the content on your site, or only a part of it.  Here’s a great overview of what is content syndication and why you’d want to do it.

Why Does Lesbian Mommies Want Syndicated Content?

We’re a lean team of 2 and there are so many great stories, news, opinions, etc. to be shared with awesome community we’re building.  This gives our community access to content that they may not have discovered previously.

Why Would you Syndicate your Content on Lesbian Mommies?

  1. You’re an awesome lesbian mom (for future momma) and want to help educate and grow the community other lesbian families.
  2. The opportunity to grow your readership and drive new traffic to your blog

What Type of Content are we Looking for?

Any well written, insightful pieces of the lesbian mommy/family journey.  

How it Works

If you’re interested in syndicating your content please send an email to with “Syndication – “ and a short descriptive title of what you want to syndicate to the site.

What does syndicated content look like

Here’s an example from Lesbian Mommies | Our Toasty Life, and here’s one from HuffPost | Romper example

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