Queer Family and Couple Halloween Inspiration!

Halloween is in just over a week – are you ready?!  If not, we have some super cute and awesome inspiration for you, your family, SO or squad.


The cutest queer couples, families, and squad Halloween Costumes:

Monsters Inc

Super cute for a family of 3 or a couple – and could work great with a baby bump as well!


Return of Chucky

Want to scare the neighbors – check of this frightful trio


Bob and Linda Belcher from Bob’s Burgers

The whole Belcher family is costume gold!  This would work for couples, families and squads alike.  Bonus – you could probably make these costumes with mostly clothes you have (like we did last year!)


Toy Story

There are SO many great characters to pick from toy story – we love the three below!


Snow White, the Evil Queen and a Dwarf

Who doesn’t love a princess/evil queen-themed costume.  Throw in a dwarf baby and this trio is looking 100%!


Harley Quinn, Joker and Robin

The best part of super heros/villians is there are SO many to pick from.  We love this family that includes baby robin, Harley Quinn an the Joker.


Alice, the Queen of Hearts, and the White Rabbit

Doctors on Duty

These three will get you fixed up in no time!


Princess Bubblegum and Marceline the Vampire Queen (Adventure Time)

Adventure time characters could work for literally anyone – Bubblegum and Marceline get extra points for there lesbian subplot and cuteness 🙂



Minions are fairly easy and cheap to DIY – and work well for any number of people.  We still think they are super cute!


Mario & Luigi

The Super Mario family is classic and it doesn’t get much more classic than Mario and Luigi

Jack and Coke

Looking for a super easy and super casual costume – this Jack and Coke if perfect for you!


Wizzard of Oz

We can’t forget about our furbabies – take a look at the tin man, cowardly lion, Dorthy and the scarecrow <3


Lazy Thing 1 and Thing 2

Becuase sometimes you run out of time to get a legit costume and make due with the clothes you have and a thing pack from Target 😉


Spider Man, Spider Girl and Villan