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How to Buy Domperidone Without a Prescription in the US

What is Domperidone and how does it help with milk production? Domperidone was originally created to treat individuals with gastric reflux and severe nausea, however it has a beneficial side effect for those looking to induce lactation or produce more milk.  Domperidone increases prolactin ...Read More

Interview with chestfeeding trans dad, Trevor MacDonald

Did you know that trans parents can breastfeed?  Check out interview with nursing dad, Trevor MacDonald about his experience with his partner, Ian, about breast/chestfeeding their kiddos. It’s day 6 of World Breastfeeding Week, and boy do we have an AMAZING interview for you ...Read More

Co-Nursing IRL 1 Month Update

Lesbian mommies, Jillian and Tara, give an update on how co-nursing in real life is going 1 month in with their son, Auggie.  Topics include power pumping, cracked nipples, Jillian going back to work, the challenges and rewards. Howdy mamas!  Jillian here – sharing ...Read More

Our First Week of Co-Nursing IRL

We’re moms and we’re co-nursing!  After months of planning, pumping and waiting, little Augustus John finally arrived! So how did co-nursing go IRL vs the plan? TOTALLY DIFFERENT!  Tara ended up having a quite challenging time for the 12 hours postpartum which led to ...Read More

Share Your Story

Reading stories of what other people are going through is so powerful and inspirational! Whether you are thinking about becoming a parent, trying to conceive, pregnant or a parent we want to hear your unique story and perspective!     There are two ways ...Read More